Up to 45,000 Customers Remain Faithful to Mobile Republic in Their Migration Process

Virtual mobile operators have a black future if they do not work in grow. Independents, who do not have fixed networks, have seen their niche of customers reduced hand converged offerings and secondly by the bet of the big operators with their second brands such as Tuenti, Amena, Lowi or Simyo.

In this way, mobile Republic has opted to leave the platform that provides services to virtual másmovil (formerly of House Mobile Phone) for become a full OMV and independence. To do this, it was necessary for customers to do a “portability” of the old mobile Republic to the new migration process who have completed up to a total of 45,000 customers.

The process of change of platform of an operator is not nothing simple, and if not that is to say Pepephone. Mobile Republic has not changed its coverage, but its growth meant a total migration of customers, which has occurred with quite successful considering the short time in which the entire process has been.

The remaining customers are Másmovil

The virtual had 60,000 customers, who had to ask for a new SIM to continue mobile Republic and enjoy their new rates and 4G. And portability of the last few months shows us that up to 45,000 of them (the data include recruitment of users of other operators also) have completed the change. Up to 75% would have decided to go with the brand, a fairly high figure.

Customers who have not completed the migration process to November 30 will remain in Másmovil, who will be in charge of serving them now. For the part of Republic mobile We will have to see if Once the change of platform brings more news, but in September it already gave a leap in quality, for example offering unlimited national calls for 9.9 euros per month.