Revolution, the cosmeceutical textile has many advantages. However, the offer is so great that it is sometimes a little hard to navigate. To choose its slimming leggings and achieve the desired slimming effect, we must consider several criteria.

Slimming Leggings: What is It?

The cosmeceutical textile was booming. Behind this name, a combination of clothing and cosmetics to enjoy the benefits of many slimming products without moving. The technique, called microencapsulation, is relatively simple. It is to integrate the assets slimming directly into the membrane of a textile. Whenever the clothing rubs against the skin, cosmetics are released, burn fat, and gradually draw the figure. If the cosmeceutical textile comes in all forms (panties, panties, body, panty …), the slimming leggings is one of the most popular clothing, because it allows them to shape the entire lower body.

Slimming Leggings: Technical Clothing

To choose its slimming leggings, according to Emilyleggings, it is first necessary to look at its operation. Indeed, if the microcapsules are an integral part of all slimming leggings, something new has emerged: the bio-ceramic fiber. Alongside the action of cosmetics, bio-ceramic stores body heat. This allows in particular to improve blood circulation for a draining effect continuously. Ideal to fight against cellulite, bioceramics also strengthen the effectiveness of microcapsules. Slimming leggings combining the two techniques are particularly useful for women who want to slim down and firm up.

Choose Slimming Leggings: Composition and Manufacturing

To choose a slimming leggings, other criteria must be taken into account. Cosmetics used should be organic, preferably. Caffeine, ivy, aloe vera, vitamin E, shea butter … the list of the natural active slimming properties is long! The garment must be seamless in order to be worn at all times. Particular attention should also be paid to knitting which, depending on the method, to have a shaping effect, smoothing and draining. Finally, another element to take into account the wash! The microcapsules slimming leggings can indeed survive only a limited number of machine washes. It is therefore important to learn to make the most of his leggings.