Why pay cyclists taxes for their transportation?

It’s hard to take it seriously, but I’ll try.
. 1 No taxes
The have stayed here a few exhaustively explained, particularly gm.
. 2 No driver’s license
Low speeds are generally achieved by bicycle (<25 km / h), which of them has a low risk for others. They are therefore equated with pedestrians, which move in a similar speed range. For electric bikes, which can reach 25 km/h or more, a moped driving license and an insurance plate are needed.
3 Bullhead behaviors

The sweeping statement lacks a statistical basis. Cyclists behave as correctly or incorrectly, such as pedestrians will be accused of behaving like idiots.  In individual cases, even bicycling traffic rowdies were relegated to pedestrians – similar to the way it happens with car driving traffic rowdies who ignore traffic rules despite driving license.