Will O2 Loses The Exclusivity of The IPhone in England Happen The Same Here?

The news of the day, no doubt, has been that O2, subsidiary of Telefónica, It has lost the exclusivity of the iPhone in England and Orange It will begin to sell it before end of year.

It is a new and unusual situation – speaking of Apple, clear – that arise many questions: is a new strategy of? Apple? Will we see similar things in other countries? In Spain for example? I’d like to think that the answer to all these questions is Yes.

The exclusivity of the iPhone It has always been somewhat controversial; the complaints of users in some countries such as Canada or here, in Spain, are important enough to Apple begin to rethink the situation is this the cause of the new strategy? Surely not; It is easy to assume that the intention of Apple It is to cover the largest possible market share, but as users, increased availability benefits us.

Orange will sell both the iPhone 3G as the iPhone 3G S, but still it has not made public prices or fees associated. Moreover, it is rumored that T-Mobile you could make a similar announcement soon.

In any case, it’s a new policy regarding the iPhone that gives us hope for more ways to access a terminal that now has some significant obstacles.